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After 10 successful years improving the lives of at risk children in developing countries; Beyond The Orphanage had expanded their operations, and their business model. They recognized the need for a more structured approach, and a clear framework for their communications that would enable them to expand and reach their goal of helping 2,000 children within the next 5 years. To achieve this, they reached out to The Change Starter to develop a Communications Strategy.


We began by conducting stakeholder interviews with the key staff, and volunteers within the organization. This was followed by desk research and a process of thorough analysis of the entire organization. This 'audit' enabled us to identify five key insights for further discussion. The most important of these insights concerned the overall business model.


We were able to challenge the CEO and the Board to make an informed decision about the nature of the model by offering insight as to the future possibilities of clarifying and determining a more unique iteration of the model that would work across their entire business.


With agreement on a more unified and structured model, we were able to identify multiple possibilities to introduce additional funding streams that would future-proof the business and reduce risk of reliance on too few donors, particularly in the corporate arena.


The next stage was to clarify BTO's unique market positioning relative to competitor children's charities. This opened the door to a clear articulation of the ‘what we do’, and gave BTO the language to use across the organization when talking to different stakeholders. This was presented in the form of a Positioning Statement and a Messaging Guide, which everyone from the Board and the CEO through to staff and volunteers could use to maintain a consistent message.


Finally, we seeded the new language and strategy throughout the organization by challenging mindsets and setting everyone on a pathway to growth without fear.


Having a clear articulation of their positioning enabled BTO to more efficiently on board new team members and to scale through digital marketing channels by building their brand with a consistent message and tone that will reach more people, more often.


With every member of the team on the same train, there has been a renewed passion for the BTO brand internally.


Since working with The Change Starter, BTO is driving innovation and taking a fresh new view on ways to communicate with their donors. In particular, this has enabled them to future-proof the organization and reduce risk of reliance on too few donors, particularly in the corporate arena.

"Working with The Change Starter was a thoughtful approach, informed by data and insights and Stevie's delivery was precise and transformative." 


- Nancy M, Head of Digital

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