Tailored programs to get results, grow your business and master your marketing confidence.

Marketing is the very act of publicly promoting your services to the world and for many small business owners, this can be a scary or daunting prospect. Having worked so hard on creating your business, building your services and refining your systems and processes; marketing is the moment of truth.

Unsuccessful marketing is built on a lack of understanding of its target audience, badly articulated message, poor design, the wrong method of delivery or a combination of all of these. Successful marketing is a delicate balance of the right message to the right audience in the right place at the right time. And even the experts get it wrong sometimes.


So how can you, a busy small business owner without a background in marketing be expected to continuously and effectively market your business without the help of an expert?


That's where Marketing Coaching comes in. I’ll help you understand marketing, feel inspired and motivated to do it, and give you the confidence to transform your business from your greatest kept secret to your most famous masterpiece.


Marketing Coaching brings you the knowledge and experience of a broad marketing professional with the skills of a professionally trained Life Coach to help you gain clarity of who you are and what you offer and give you the confidence to put yourself out there and stop sabotaging your own success! With coaching, you’ll feel more confident, improve your communication skills, stay focussed and move your business to growth with absolute certainty.

Having built a successful business from scratch, Stevie knows the challenges, pitfalls and tactics to keep you moving confidently forward to growth, whilst continuing to deliver on the day-to-day.

Online coaching sessions give you a dedicated time to focus on and gain momentum with your marketing. It ensures you have allocated time in your week to work ON your business and marketing activities and ensure you have a clear plan of action to get marketing activities scheduled and actioned.

Each session focuses on a specific goal and agreed output. Typical sessions can include; reviewing and taking learnings from current marketing activities and results, brainstorming ideas, looking strategically at how each of the channels on your marketing plan are working and how to get them working even harder, shifting your mindset to think like your audience and understand their needs.

Strategic frameworks and exercises are provided as needed to facilitate the thinking.


If the following looks like, sounds like or feels like YOU, then the answer is YES!

You want to…

  • set measurable objectives and be able to track marketing results (ROI)

  • identity your ideal target customer and understand what attracts them

  • develop the most effective mix of marketing channels to reach your ideal target

  • create a unique and competitive market positioning (who you are, what you offer)

  • productise and package your services to drive value and efficiency (sell more easily)

  • pre-qualify leads and reduce the effort of writing endless proposals that don't convert

  • tell people about the services you offer with absolute certainty and confidence

  • promote yourself and build your profile through LinkedIn and webinars or talks

  • grow your business and define your own level of ‘success’

  • stop selling your time and start selling your value at a higher ticket price

  • create a seamless marketing-to-sales system to turn prospects into leads into customers 

  • create 'real life' action plans to integrate marketing into your every day business activities

  • know how to assess external marketing providers to ensure you get actual results

You don't want to…

  • avoid promoting your business even though you know you need to

  • feel nervous and unsure during sales calls

  • make excuses and procrastinate over your marketing

  • waste time writing and re-writing client proposals

  • price your services too low and earn less than you're worth

  • get frustrated that your marketing doesn't seem to get you results

  • hire a marketing resource until you know how to get the best out of them

  • bring in clients without a clear service and process in place

  • source the wrong marketing service providers and waste thousands with no results

  • spend too much on your marketing and need ideas for free or cost effective activities


The Change Starter® Call

This call is where the change begins. Get everything off your chest and we'll organise your thinking so you have clarity and certainty about what action needs to be taken to achieve your goals and fulfil the true purpose of your business and yourself.

Coaching Sessions

In each coaching session we'll focus on the pre-agreed areas of your marketing and work through specific business issues. We'll discuss solutions, brainstorm ideas, review marketing materials and build action plans as required.

Unlimited Email Support

All clients receive unlimited email support. Reach out between coaching sessions to ask for feedback on actions taken, ask me to review marketing materials being developed, let me know your progress or just to say 'hi' and feel supported.



Thank you so much Stevie. I have a lot more clarity and confidence in the direction I'm taking my business and how to deliver my offers. You rock - I'm so excited to develop my business further.

Image by Kazuky Akayashi

Stevie is an effervescent, knowledgeable marketing coach whom offers simple, practical and cost-effective tools and techniques for marketing yourself and your business. Things that seem difficult, complex and overwhelming are immediately taught in easy to understand terms with easy steps to follow through to completion.

Image by Domenico Loia

My revenue has quadrupled in less than 5 months due to Stevie's marketing coaching specifically in service and pricing strategy and optimising productivity. I am working less, earning more and less stressed. I highly recommend Stevie for a small business in need of confidence and that next level revenue growth !

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As an alumni of The Life Coaching Academy, we adhere to their Code of Conduct, which assists in providing consistency of the highest ethical standards for all Coaches who train with them.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) sets the international standard for Coaching through the ICF Code of Ethics, to which we adhere.

Disclaimer: Clients enter into Coaching with the full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. In no event will the Coach be liable to the Client for consequential or special damages. Coaching in no way replaces Psychological, Medical, Financial or Legal advice and Clients are fully responsible for the decisions they make and actions they take as a result of coaching intervention, and do so at their own risk. Coaching can be supported with additional research and/or professional psychological, medical, financial or legal advice as appropriate to the Clients’ individual circumstances. The Coach makes no guarantees or warranties, express or implied. Please refer to our ‘Coaching Agreement’ for more details.