Marketing Club is The Affordable Way To Engage A Marketing Expert To Ensure You Spend Your Efforts On The Most Effective Tactics To Grow Your Business.

Stevie V Brown | Marketing Results Coach talks about Marketing Club, Group Coaching Program
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Over the years as a Marketing Coach for small business, I’ve helped tonnes of businesses develop tangible action plans to help them create effective marketing, and turn their business services into a compelling offer that attracts their ideal clients.

As the world gets back to business, I’m offering a unique opportunity for a select few business owners to become members of Marketing Club, an affordable group coaching program.


If you’re ready to put a focus on marketing your business so that you can start attracting new clients, and you’re open to learning and taking action to grow your business, then Marketing Club could be for you.

Stevie :-)

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Next Group Coaching Starts Wednesday 16th December 2020

Time: 11:00 AM AEDT - 12:30 PM AEDT

As A Member Of Marketing Club, You'll Have Ongoing Access To Stevie As Your Marketing Coach To Help You Create And Implement More Effective Marketing To Promote Your Business & Generate Leads Even If You Don't Know Anything About Marketing.


Angela F

Working with Stevie is very productive. She jumps straight into the real issues I’m facing and starts solving them.

Sandra P

Stevie is amazing, inspiring and insightful. Truly motivating, and overall just brilliant!

Kim S.

Stevie gave us the strategy, truth and confidence to start!

Brenda W

In just 45 minutes I have a lot more clarity and confidence about my business direction
and how to deliver my offer.

Angie Z

Stevie is a knowledgeable marketing coach who offers simple, practical and cost-effective tools and techniques.

Helene P

Stevie has taken my business to x4 revenue growth and changed my business mindset forever!



Focus On Improving Marketing To Increase Revenue

It’s been a tough year, and thankfully, most of us are ready to get back to business. In the next few months, one of your most important priorities will be effectively promoting your business, filling your pipeline, and creating new revenue streams. It is especially important right now to be reviewing your offer, testing new marketing audiences and channels, and sharing a story that turns your prospects into clients.

Clients must be able to find you, understand what you're offering, and contact you with ease. If you're not an expert in marketing, finding new clients can be challenging. We all need a support team, and we all need experts (that's why I have an accountant!).

If you’re feeling challenged by how to promote and grow your business now, or if you just want to have the support of a professional marketer in your business, then when you join Marketing Club that's exactly what you'll get! You'll have instant access to fresh ideas and solutions that you can implement immediately.

Proximity To A Supportive Network

Running a business can at times be a very isolating experience. The power of surrounding yourself with other business owners with similar challenges and a determination to succeed can't be overstated. By becoming a member of Marketing Club, you’ll get to know other like-minded business owners who will support each other, as you learn and grow together.


Between sessions, join the conversation on the LinkedIn Private Marketing Club Group where you can ask Stevie questions, share ideas and exchange feedback, ideas and support with members in confidence. They'll be there to celebrate your wins, boost your confidence to take action, and support you when there are challenges to overcome.

Keep Yourself Accountable & Get Things Done

Group Coaching Sessions are the cornerstone of Marketing Club membership. We'll meet online monthly for an engaging coaching session in which you’ll get chance to share your progress and challenges with the group. Stevie will directly answer your marketing questions, give you feedback on your current marketing activities, and brainstorm solutions on the spot. You’ll get fast, fresh ideas for marketing your business, and by hearing from other group members, you'll also learn new ideas and perspectives from others that will further propel you forward. At the end of every session, you'll commit to a marketing task list and reflect on what you've learnt or uncovered. Being part of Marketing Club will increase your momentum and keep you accountable for promoting your business, so you'll never let yourself down again. 

Learn From An Independent, Qualified Marketer...

Stevie has over 20 years experience in advertising, marketing and business. She will work with you to teach you the knowledge she has specialised in and learnt over 20 years. Access the private LinkedIn Group where you'll have direct access to Stevie who will be on hand to answer questions between coaching sessions.

You'll learn a holistic approach to marketing because unlike channel-specific marketers, Stevie has no bias towards any specific type of marketing, except the ones that are going to be the best for your business to succeed. If you're currently spending time and money on marketing and don't know whether it's actually working for you, then it's time to find out! Once you join Marketing Club, you'll discover how to set and get results and ROI from marketing and marketing providers. Never waste money on marketing or work with unqualified providers ever again.

Gain Marketing Know-how & Track Results...

Marketing Club is not just theory, it's about taking action. By being an ongoing member, you'll create and implement an actionable marketing system that saves you time, effort and money, whilst ensuring your business is present in the minds of your ideal clients, even while you sleep! You'll learn about new tools, apps and services that can help you more easily manage and automate your marketing tasks, as well as how to set and measure results.

You’ll also receive Stevie’s 10 week email training on how to get real results from marketing, followed by Marketing Matters, a weekly email with marketing news, tips and inspiration delivered direct to your inbox.

Learn & Implement The Secret To Social Media Traction

By joining Marketing Club, you’ll leverage the power of the group to learn the secret to social media traction that will get you more likes, shares and comments to increase your reach.


Marketing Club is for micro and solopreneurs who are already in business, but just getting started with understanding marketing, or who have been in business for a while and recognise a need to get professional support with marketing their business now.

It is ONLY for those business owners who are willing to: 1) learn about marketing and put that learning into action to grow their business; 2) be open-minded, coachable and ready to push beyond their comfort zone; 3) take marketing their business seriously and be willing to do the work outside of sessions.

If you are willing to do these 3 things, this may be a perfect fit for you. If you are nervous about any of these things, but still willing to give it a try, this may still be a great fit for you.

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