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How Aaron Govindasamy Increased His LinkedIn Following By Over 300% & Automated Lead Generation for Conserve

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Aaron Govindasamy is the Director and General Manager of Conserve, a business that provides solutions for contractor compliance management founded in 2008. As the Australian company looked into expanding its marketing initiatives, it sought the help of The Change Starter and marketing coach Stevie V. Brown. 


This case study will explore how Conserve increased their LinkedIn following by 337.5%, created a multichannel marketing strategy, and automated their lead generation process.

The Problem

Before hiring Stevie, Conserve’s internal team executed the marketing work. This Australian company mainly benefitted from word-of-mouth referrals thanks to the results-driven from its technology platform and managed services. 


But they soon realized that this wasn’t enough to sustain their long-term growth and vision. There was also another problem: none of those handling marketing had a marketing background. 


Their social media presence was close to none, and they didn’t have processes to generate leads automatically. They were making great articles, but they were not adequately distributed and seen by relevant people. Their messaging was inconsistent, disjointed, and they did not know how to position and highlight their most attractive features to gain attention.


They hired consultants for various marketing campaigns to remediate this, but this resulted in a lack of continuity in work done. Finally, there was no overarching marketing strategy that tied in all their efforts together. 


It was in these conditions that Aaron found out about The Change Starter and Stevie. As Aaron asserts, “Stevie really understood what it was our business stood for and what our value proposition was.”

The Solution

Together, they devised processes to build an online audience, automate their lead generation process, and create a marketing strategy focused on compounding growth.


Stevie worked with Aaron on setting up Conserve’s marketing processes from the ground up, including automating lead generation, improving brand awareness, and increasing their social media presence.

Clarifying Messaging, Positioning & Target Personas

Stevie asked questions on messaging and positioning. This allowed Aaron to clarify his company’s target personas and together they brainstormed campaigns to target each persona.

Competitor Research

“We did a really thorough review of his competitors. And in doing that, we were able to pull out what ultimately became the key difference in his positioning.” - Stevie v Brown


This in-depth competitor research unveiled a powerful (and soon to be profitable) insight.


Conserve’s blended offering of an online platform and managed services were more attractive to their clients than competing services, which only offered either one or the other, but not both.

Making Linkedin Marketing A Team Effort

With Stevie’s assistance, the whole team at Conserve became more engaged on LinkedIn, and Stevie devised a plan to grow Conserve’s company page on the platform.


Refining Paid Traffic, Optimizing For Lead Generation & List Building

“We also needed to help Aaron set up the digital marketing components that he didn't have in place before I started working with him.”


Stevie helped Conserve refine their paid traffic initiatives, from LinkedIn ads to advertorial campaigns.


They also optimized the website for lead generation. This included making changes to the navigation and user experience, and tweaking the copy and style to make it more consistent and in line with the new positioning.


With Stevie’s guidance, Aaron’s team created lead magnets and audience-specific landing pages with social proof to build up Conserve’s subscription list.


Here’s Stevie breaking down how Conserve was able to generate more leads for one of his key audiences: 


“One of Aaron’s key audiences is councils. So, I got him to expand his reach with councils by starting to think about going beyond Sydney councils to other New South Wales and then Queensland councils as well. We did that with LinkedIn ads targeting but then we also created a landing page that was council language-specific. Once they came through the ad they could land on a council-specific landing page that had credibility showing the councils that he has already worked with. Aaron has so many of them already on his client list."


With Stevie’s help, Conserve went from having 80 to more than 350 followers on their LinkedIn company page, an increase of 337.5%. They’re also experiencing higher engagement rates, and the team has been consistently publishing posts. 


These initiatives have overall improved Conserve’s brand awareness. As Aaron says, “now, I have KPIs around increasing connections with the relevant parties.”


Stevie has also helped set up and automate critical lead generation processes and the way they do their marketing. For example, Stevie’s help on a magazine campaign has led to having 180 additional leads.


Aaron mentions, “We now have a solution that we can replicate and use in the future. We'll continue to adopt the process mapped out for us.”


These automated processes have also enabled them to focus on other aspects of the business that will allow Conserve to scale their growth.


As Aaron claims, “I have seen tremendous growth in terms of my understanding of marketing strategy, and particularly how that relates to our business.”


Aaron has learned a lot about marketing, increasing brand awareness, automating lead generation, and generally scaling a business through marketing:


  1. Prioritize processes and an overarching strategy over aimless content creation. With Stevie’s help, Conserve shifted from producing content without a precise aim to implementing an overarching marketing strategy that generated tangible business results.

  2. Get marketing help from someone who can quickly understand your challenges. None of the internal team was a professional marketer. Stevie helped set up critical marketing processes and mitigate potential mistakes.

  3. Growing an audience is essential. Conserve can now leverage their growing audience on LinkedIn, build upon their brand recognition, and generate targeted leads. 

  4. Automate lead generation. This allowed the team to eliminate low-value, repetitive tasks to focus on growing the business and scaling up their customer acquisition process.

Want Aaron's Results for Yourself?

The Change Starter provides an outsourced marketing team for small and medium businesses who are ready to get their time back to help them focus on their business development. We develop a complete marketing strategy to attract leads and position your business in the eyes of your target customers. Apply for a FREE Marketing Accelerator with Stevie to find out how we can help you grow.

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