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Outsource blog content creation to a qualified marketing team who know how to get your business seen with the people who are searching for what you offer.

Our Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content service works as standalone service or a plugin to existing marketing activities. Our goal is to work with you long-term to help you get more traffic to your website by increasing your Google ranking. We do this by creating SEO blog content that appeals to the people already searching for a solution online.


Content Marketing is the activity of publishing and distributing content on the internet for the purpose of promoting your business to the people who are already searching for, and ready to buy the solutions you offer. Content Marketing provides multiple benefits enabling you to:

  • Demonstrate your expertise and credibility in your subject matter

  • Provide valuable information, inspiration and education to prospective customers

  • Encourage prospective customers to consider your business and feel comfortable to make an enquiry

  • Rank your website with Google and work towards increasing your ranking for specific keywords or topics that are of interest to your target customer

  • Drive more traffic to your website and increase the number of enquiries to your business, or the number of direct sales for e-commerce businesses.

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Our clients told us they wished they had a supply of never-ending content™ that could be posted to their website and social media accounts every week, strategically targeting the keywords they want their site to rank for in Google. So, we made their wish come true. We've put together a content marketing service that includes everything you need to get your business ranked with Google. Our service includes an SEO audit and content strategy for your website blog. The strategy includes keyword research, topic ideation, and article writing. All you have to do is open your never-ending content library and copy, paste and publish!™ your articles on your website!

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With Never-Ending Content, you will soon have blog content that targets the most relevant keywords that your target customer is already searching for, and an increased visibility of your business with Google.

Strategy & Results Tracking
  • SEO Audit of your website

  • Keyword Research

  • Content Strategy

  • Tone of Voice Guide

  • Live Results Dashboard, analytics and analysis

Content Ideation & Writing
  • Content plans with topics and article titles

  • 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ rated writers

  • Thorough subject research

  • Royalty free images

  • Meta descriptions

  • Quality control and checked by Grammarly & Copyscape

  • Formatted ready to Copy, Paste & Publish!

  • The number of content pieces is determined by your available budget



'Strategy' sounds OTT, do I really need one?

The short answer is yes. Taking action without having a plan is the sort of madness that only...well, it's madness.

The longer answer is yes, but it doesn't have to be difficult, complicated or scary, especially because with Never-Ending Content, you'll have access to SEO experts who will develop your custom plan, and put the wheels in motion to get your content system in place within just a few weeks.

The purpose of a content strategy is to plan to produce keyword targeted and highly relevant content at the right time, through the right channels, for the right audience, resulting in improved ranking with search engines, and therefore increased traffic to your website.

Secondarily, it also helps you to organise and fuse all content elements from one source to consistently deliver your brand story across digital channels enabling you to grow your reach, engage prospects and generate new leads.

A content strategy answers these questions:


  • What objectives do you want to achieve by creating content?

  • Why does this content need to exist? What problems does it solve?

  • Who do you want to attract to your business?

  • What reactions or actions do you want from them?

  • What types of content will we plan to create?

  • What is the purpose of each content type or format?

  • How will you weave your brand style through your content to retain consistency?

  • Where and when will your content be published?

  • How will you distribute and promote the content once it’s published?

I get what you're saying, but do I really need one?

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is executing content creation without having a plan. In particular, with content, they get into a habit of posting something, anything, on their blog or social media so that they can tick it off their list. This is what we call random acts of marketing, and we are here to help you stop wasting your time with random content, and start publishing targeted, considered content that speaks to your target customers needs, delivers real value, and gets you traffic to your website. That's the whole game. If your content doesn't drive traffic to your website, it doesn't matter how many people liked your post on Facebook or Instagram.


How many times have you sat down at your desk and thought, ok, I should really put something on my blog, what should I write about?

If you're still not convinced that to do a great job with your content and set yourself up for success, you need a strategy, then we can't help you. No hard feelings, but we only work with serious businesses who understand the importance of having a plan before they execute. Our clients know that the plan is where the value lies, and that without it, they are essentially throwing their money out the window.

What Happens After I
Say Yes?

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First, we delve into understanding your business and your target market. No one knows your business better than you. We start with a structured discovery session to mine the specific knowledge you already hold so that we can quickly onboard ourselves and build insights.


We align with you on the objectives for your content.


We create or refine your audience personas for core audience segments and pull out insights that lead us to understand the type of content for each stage of the buying cycle.

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We review your current content to determine the stories you’re telling, and we take a look at your Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming from and how it's behaving.

We plug your website into our handy Search Engine Optimisation tool to determine how it's currently ranking with search engines and we get moving with niche keyword research.

Based on the content needs of your target customer at each stage of the buying cycle, we identify the gaps with our keywords traffic light system to determine which keywords to maintain, focus on, and avoid.

Content & Traffic Review & Keyword Research

Actionable Strategy & Content Plans

We create actionable strategies. Whether you are planning to have us implement just your blog articles, or you want to write them yourself, you'll have a strategy and continuing content plans that can be implemented by whoever needs to understand them.



What the marketing aims to achieve for the business and how success will be measured.



Deep discovery of the behaviours and buying needs of your target customers.



The keyword strategy and topics that will get your site ranked with search engines.



Metrics to track in line with the objectives set, so we know we are winning.

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We keep creating and posting keyword optimised articles until you tell us to stop.

But with keyword rank tracking and measurement and adjustments included; making certain you're increasing ranking for each keyword, why would you want to stop?

This is it now, marketing utopia. A plan, a system and a marketing team on tap, plugged in and delivering content whilst you sleep.

You will never run out of content because our system ensures that content just keeps on coming your way. With The Change Starter, you will always have content in your never-ending content library, and that means, you'll never again sit at your desk wondering what to write.

Never-ending Content Stream


Got Some Burning Questions?

If you're considering engaging an outsourced marketing team to implement your marketing, you've most likely got some questions about how it all works. Head to our Frequently Asked Questions page to deep dive into the questions we are often asked by prospective clients.

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