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How to Finally Get Results from Marketing

By Stevie V Brown MSc

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About The Book

Lack of instant reward and the length of time needed to change buyer behaviour, competes against an expectation of immediate sales and a casual budget to propel businesses to give up on marketing. Marketing only when you need leads creates random acts of marketing that deliver poor results. Instead, businesses need a consistent system and strategy, which is a method of assessing all open doors and deciding which ones to close, so that marketing is intentional and measured. The CARE Factor Fix™ is a framework for assessing and fixing your broken marketing function, so you can finally get results.


About The Author

Stevie V Brown is a Marketing Strategist, Systemiser and Coach with 20 years’ experience in marketing having begun her career at Saatchi & Saatchi London. She has worked with global brands including L’Oréal, Nestlé, Visa, and hundreds of small businesses. She is experienced in multiple disciplines from traditional and digital marketing to brand activation and shopper marketing. She holds a Master of Digital Marketing, BA Marketing, Cert IV Coaching and NLP Coach Practitioner. Stevie’s business The Change Starter® builds results-driven outsourced marketing teams for ready-to-grow™ businesses.


Who This Book Is For

The CARE Factor Fix™ is a framework for assessing and fixing the broken marketing function in your business, so that you can create the conditions that will bring consistent, measurable results. If your company or SME is at a stage of growth where you are serious about installing a professional marketing function into your business, whether that is internally or outsourced, this book is for you. Following The CARE Factor Fix™ framework will help you establish a clear strategy for building an effective marketing function that gets results.

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