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Maximising Value By Cutting The Fluff For One Of Australia’s Most Loved Dairy Brands

Brancourts Case Study Tile

Brancourts is a well-known and much-loved Australian dairy brand. When their leadership team wanted to step back from managing the day-to-day marketing activities, they sought a trustworthy outsourced partner capable of maximising the value of their finite marketing budget.

The Problem

Brancourts' National Sales Manager Dean Andrews has managed plenty of brand marketing budgets in his career and knows value when he sees it. Frustrated with the ‘fluffy’ 30-page presentations and questionable charges from large marketing agencies, he knew Brancourts’ annual marketing budget needed to be managed efficiently, with a no-nonsense approach to achieving the company's goals.

Brancourts’ second objective was to step away from the repetitive project management tasks such as booking and workflowing their supermarket media ads. Previously, internal marketing personnel would bring Dean in at every stage, distracting him from his Sales Director role. Finding an outsourced marketing team he could trust to deliver on time became a priority.


The Solution

Brancourts was introduced to TCS through a partner agency, and immediately found common ground in their collaborative approach to marketing. “I had previously found internal marketers quite protective of their own ideas and strategies, whereas with TCS we can openly discuss the business’ performance, offer our direction and make a plan. Then TCS comes back with recommendations and suggestions, so it's a two way conversation, which is what you need in a partnership.” explains Dean.

TCS provided Brancourts with a strategy and calendar of marketing activities, then set up a communications system to alleviate unnecessary involvement from the Brancourts team. “I’ve found the TCS communication process very efficient. For example, I’ll go ahead and book Coles or Woolworths ad placements on their respective online platforms, then flick the details straight through to the TCS team. They then take the lead and liaise directly with Coles or Woolworths for me. TCS will come to the finished product and say: Coles is happy with this, Dean, are you happy with it? Then I give them approval with minimal time taken up, so it works really well that way.” he explains.


As a result of streamlined communication systems and a collaborative approach to solving marketing challenges, the Brancourts team have seen a significant reduction in the contact time required from the CEO and other Senior Management. “The CEO has a background in machinery and engineering - not marketing - so now he gets the benefit of seeing the marketing plan before it gets executed, then seeing the results. When it comes to marketing, he doesn't have to get involved along the way.” explains Dean.

Brancourts feels confident in the quality and amount of activity the brand is putting out to their consumers, with Dean commenting “We feel like we get incredible value from our annual marketing budget, because the fluff has been cut out, and TCS tells us exactly how it is with just the facts we need to know. I know from working in the supermarket ad space over the years that our budget is fully optimised.”

TCS has implemented several activities for Brancourts that they would not have been able to do themselves, such as running their social media accounts and producing paid Meta ads, putting an influencer strategy in place (with our partner agencies BecauseXM and Ernest) to boost social media reach and drive Brancourts’ brand presence, and managing multiple digital campaigns with the major supermarkets.

The small internal team at Brancourts can now focus on their roles without micromanaging or paying for separate marketing providers. Dean says “TCS are responsible for how they're allocating the funds that we've got, so we have a limited budget, and we feel as though they maximise what we can get out of what we have available to spend.”

Brancourts feels supported knowing a skilled creative team is overseeing the marketing output and keeping the business up to speed with digital innovation. “We’re excited about the new website project soon to launch, and we wouldn’t have achieved this at the same speed had we tackled it internally. It’s great to be able to handball marketing projects and know it’s taken care of.”

TCS is proud to work with such an iconic Australian family-owned brand. Their products are of superb quality, so there's always a tub of Brancourts cottage cheese in the TCS fridge!​

Results since TCS has partnered with Brancourts:

  • One influencer video reached over 2m views.

  • Facebook page engagement rate has increased by 2,472% vs. the 12 months prior to TCS taking it over.

  • Instagram page engagement rate has increased to 3.62%.

  • Fan and follower counts are steadily climbing across Meta accounts.

  • Website traffic is showing a steady increase since we implemented social and influencer campaigns.



  1. Trust is key for management to be able to step back from day-to-day involvement and know the marketing is still happening.

  2. An outsourced marketing service lets businesses have open and frank discussions about the preferred activities and strategy without protecting their own ideas.

  3. Cutting out unnecessary communication, fluffy presentations and staff hours is critical to maximising finite marketing budgets.

  4. Having a trusted outsourced partner adds to the expertise of the internal team, like growing the business skill sets without the salaries.

  5. A strategy that includes both activity that drives brand awareness, and activity that is close to the point of purchase, provides a balanced approach to marketing.

Want Brancourts Results for Yourself?

The Change Starter partners with small and medium growing businesses to provide an outsourced marketing team that builds a long-term strategy and implements their marketing; helping them to attract and nurture more of their ideal clients. Apply for a FREE Marketing Accelerator with Stevie to find out if we would be a good fit!

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