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Outsource social media management to a team of marketing professionals who know how to boost your social media presence and page engagement and present your offer to reach a wider audience.

Our Social Media Management team works as a standalone service or a plugin to existing marketing activities. Our goal is to work with you long-term to help you get more reach to a wider audience of new prospective customers and drive engagement with your existing page followers or fans. We do this by creating regular, compelling post ideas and guiding you on the creation of thought-leaadership and credibility-building content that appeals to the people you want to target.

What is Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing is the activity of publishing and distributing content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promote your business. There are multiple tactics available within social media platforms to assist with targeting your content towards the people who are most likely to be interested in what you sell. Social media platforms offer both "organic" and "paid" services.


Social Media Organic means that you can reach a small number of 'fans' or 'followers' by posting content to your business page or profile, and if these people engage with your content, then the platform will show it to more people who follow you.


Social Media Paid means using the advertising platform within Meta Business Suite to serve ads to a targeted set of platform users who do not currently know about your business. By buying advertising space, known as 'ad spend', the platform will show your content (or ad) to more people who you want to target.


Organic and Paid methods collaborate to produce overall more significant results, where one without the other usually garners less overall reach and engagement. Social Media Marketing provides multiple benefits enabling you to:​

  • Increase recognition and visibility of your brand with your target customers.

  • Reach new audiences and attract new followers who may become customers in the future.

  • Improve customer engagement by communicating directly with users and responding to customer enquiries and feedback.

  • Quickly communicate messages to customers when something changes in the business, which helps build customer loyalty and trust.

  • Learn about your audience's demographics, interests, and behaviours.

  • Increase website traffic through shared links.

There are 3 reasons why publishing regular posts on social media is a tried and tested method of increasing brand reach.


Be Present,
Be 'Findable'

Regular posting drives continued presence of your brand that enables prospective customers to find you and check out your services and credibility.


Gain Interest,
Grow Engagement

Fresh and regular content is a proven method of getting your business seen on social media by engaging potential customers with new concepts and ideas.


Engage People,
Build An Audience

Video content is a proven tactic for building engagement with your potential customers by sharing, inspiring or educating them.

How Does Social Media Management Work?


The Change Starter's Social Media management services provide an all-in-one solution to businesses looking to expand their online presence. With a focus on reaching both existing audiences through organic posting and reaching new audiences with paid ads, we provide you with a social media team that will post regularly to your social pages, whilst also running ad campaigns to achieve specific objectives such as web traffic or lead capture.


Our Social Media Ads specialists determine the most effective targeting criteria to reach relevant users, whilst our organic team research hashtags and trends to target content.

Creative Ideas.png

Setting up a campaign is only half the battle - messaging is key to success. All our posts and ad campaigns are overseen by our Creative Director to ensure they hit the mark.

Ads Optimisation.png

Leveraging the power of advanced analytics, we're obsessed with optimising posts and ad campaigns, adjusting targeting, and testing different calls to action to improve results.

What You'll Get


With The Change Starter's Social Media Management services, you will soon be able to leave your Facebook login behind, whilst we post regular, interesting content to your audience and you focus on delivering your unique thought-leadership through video and written content.

All our Social Media Management Services include the following:
Post Planning & Page Optimisation
  • Your own Marketing Manager to manage everything.

  • Monthly ideation of posts and delivery of posting schedule to meet the needs of your overall marketing calendar, including seasonal events and themes.

  • Page optimisations and housekeeping.

  • Manage fans/followers and reach out to relevant pages to drive awareness of your profile.

Post Writing & Asset Design
  • Post caption creation

  • Post asset creation

  • Content requests and guidance
    Quality assured

  • Checked by Grammarly

Post Publishing
  • Post scheduling and monitoring

  • Page/profile caretaking

  • Likes/replies to comments

  • Alert you to customer enquiries

  • Hashtag research and updates

  • Link in Bio Updates

Ads Creation & Management
  • Ad rotation plan based on proposed ad campaigns and allocated media spend

  • Set up & management of ad campaigns to link to existing landing pages

  • Ongoing testing, re-marketing & iteration

  • $50 daily starting ad spend (can be added to)

  • Continuous tracking, optimisation, measurement



Got Some Burning Questions?

If you're considering engaging an outsourced marketing team to implement your marketing, you've most likely got some questions about how it all works. Head to our Frequently Asked Questions page to deep dive into the questions we are often asked by prospective clients.

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