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Physio Clinic Navigates a Re-Brand, Relocation And Lockdowns, with The Change Starter by Their Side

Sydney Pelvic Clinic l Case Study Tile

When Sydney-based pelvic physiotherapy clinic Sydney Pelvic Clinic (SPC) took the plunge to rebrand and fit-out a new clinic space, then watch as the world went into lockdown, owners Angela James and Matt Treasure now count themselves fortunate that they had The Change Starter by their side and a marketing plan in place.

The Problem

Sydney Pelvic Clinic were doing a commendable job of communicating with their existing patients via email. But as co-owners Angela James and Matt Treasure became busier running the practice, seeing more patients and managing a team of physios, they tried to delegate the marketing to the reception team and junior physios.


GM Matt was spending too much time coming up with content ideas and checking the marketing as it headed out the door, fearful that if he didn’t, a mistake or inconsistency would result. “We had no structure to our marketing, and needed our staff to stop what they were doing to action various marketing tasks. I realised that when I lined up our local print ads next to our emails and Google ads, you wouldn’t know it was all from the same brand. Nothing was consistent, and we knew this needed to change if we were to look as good as the service we were providing.” explains Matt.

The Solution

Because Pelvic Physiotherapy is a complex service that relies on clinically accurate messaging, TCS got to work organising the clinic’s information, services and treatments on offer, creating messages that could be used for marketing, without the need for Matt or the Physio team to oversee each activity. Where previously a senior level staff member had to check each social media post before it was published, The Change Starter team developed a bank of pre-approved content and photography, which improved the quality of the marketing and meant the volume of activity could be accelerated. 


With experience in branding and brand creation, TCS was integral in the process of rebranding the clinic; creating a new website, setting up an annual marketing calendar and communicating to a cold and warm audience that SPC is a destination for excellence in pelvic health. “Embarking on something we had never done before, we had to rely on TCS’s guidance and direction. We have the clinical smarts, and realise that TCS have the marketing smarts, which makes for a great partnership.” says Principal Physio and co-owner Angela James.


Matt and Angela are now free from the day-to-day marketing approvals and are hoping to stay removed from it; “Now that a greater volume of marketing is being actioned than before we engaged Stevie and her team, it’s easier for us to step back and measure the success of our marketing, whereas before it was too sporadic and therefore harder to measure and pivot.” explains Matt.


Without TCS holding their hand through a rebrand and lockdowns, Matt shudders to think where they would be at this point. “Through COVID, if we didn’t have a marketing partner holding our hand, we would have come out of the pandemic with no professional-looking website, no design brand bible, and no consistent marketing plan. Now we have a brand that looks as good as the service we provide our patients. Thanks TCS for holding our hand through this transition!”


The Change Starter CEO Stevie V Brown comments: "Building a partnership with our clients is critical for us, and SPC have certainly brought us into their business and family, so we feel very privileged to work with them".

Marketing results from first 12 months of partnership with Sydney Pelvic Clinic:

  • +236% new website visitors

  • #1 Google Ranking +7 Targeted Keywords

  • +307% Social Page Impressions

  • +47% Unique Email Open Rate



  1. Trust in the Partnership: Because SPC trusted The Change Starter to run their marketing and lead the new website launch, Matt and Angela were free to focus on treating clients, growing their team, embarking on further qualifications, and expanding their clinics.

  2. Choose specialists to do what they do best: The clinic owners recognised the value of engaging highly experienced marketing specialists rather than hiring a junior person or continuing to use their physio staff to action the marketing.

  3. The more marketing you do, the faster you can measure, learn and pivot: Internal marketing processes tend to be slower and more labour-intensive than allowing a professional marketing team to do it. When business owners get to step back and measure the effectiveness of their overall marketing calendar, they can make better decisions.

Want Sydney Pelvic Clinic's Results for Yourself?

The Change Starter partners with small and medium growing businesses to provide an outsourced marketing team that builds a long-term strategy and implements their marketing; helping them to attract and nurture more of their ideal clients. Apply for a FREE Marketing Accelerator with Stevie to find out if we would be a good fit!

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