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7 Reasons To Outsource Your Marketing To A Team Of Experts

Outsourced marketing team in Sydney
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A recent study by Bannerflow shows some 97 percent of European companies operate at least part of their digital marketing services in-house. But is this wise?

The same study found that more than half of companies have increased in-house team headcount by one to two people (29%) or three to five people (28%). As such, companies are spending even more on hiring teams of in-house marketers instead of outpouring the work to independent professionals who are arguably much more flexible and cost effective. The survey also found that 49% of the marketers are working remotely full-time meaning those companies are hiring full-time employees and bearing all the costs associated with that.

This post outlines the seven reasons it’s better to entrust your marketing to an expert outsourced marketing team in Sydney than to keep it in-house. Read on to learn more.

1. Time-Saving

Outsourcing your marketing can free up your time and resources, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. This process can help you grow your business faster and more efficiently.

According to a survey report by Hubspot, the average in-house marketer spends around 16 hours per week on routine tasks. That’s more than a third of the average 45-hour work week. Worse still, in-house marketing employees will spend most of this time on unproductive activities such as sending internal emails and formatting documents. Outsourced teams are focused only on the task at hand, so the time is spent much more efficiently.

If it's your time being used to complete marketing tasks, then the bad news is it isn't actually your job as the business owner to do your own marketing. Just like you don't do your accounting, or write your legal contracts, or code your own website, or design your own product packaging. Just think what you are missing out on getting done to grow your business and plan the future when you're busy trying to write a blog or change the settings on your email marketing software.

2. Stay Up-To-Date With Trends

Outsourced marketing teams in Sydney also invest in specialised tools and technologies such as Google Analytics, or consumer and brand monitoring platforms like Brandwatch to provide expert services to clients. Outsourced teams are always at the cutting edge of what’s possible.

That’s not the case for most small or medium businesses operating in-house marketing 'teams'. Smaller businesses often don’t have sufficient resources to invest time into relevant training and development, hampering their ability to run effective marketing campaigns.

Low-quality or irrelevant marketing can be catastrophic for businesses. 70% of all Businesses Fail. Of these, 14% fail due to ineffective marketing (CB Insights) and 37% due to a lack of innovation in their products or services (Fundera). Business is essentially only these two things - innovation and marketing, so it makes sense to focus on getting these two fundamentals right by keeping abreast of the latest trends and insights for your industry, and your target consumers.

3. Cost-Effective

Outsourcing your marketing can be more cost-effective than hiring an in-house marketing team, saving money on salaries, benefits, and overhead costs. The trick is to learn how to save time and money with outsourcing services. estimates the average marketing manager requires $115,000 annually to prevent them from switching to a better job, and independent marketing consultants cost even more pro rata. That makes the price of hiring marketing professionals in-house in Australia unrealistic for most small or medium businesses when you consider that’s just one member of staff who isn't going to be a superhero in every single type of marketing, or marketing technology. As such, $115k is just the starting point, you'll need an additional marketing budget for all the other costs associated with marketing, such as software, website development, ad spend, media placements, printing etc. To deliver marketing effectively, you need a team of different specialists.

4. Speed (Get Your Campaigns Off The Ground More Quickly)

Another benefit of an outsourced marketing team is that it will only be working on your marketing (not all the other parts of your business, like you are!), so your campaigns will be completed and ready to fly much sooner than if you’re working on them in-house. External agencies can’t get sidetracked by other projects or management priorities - all they do is marketing - all day, every day. Once you work through the onboarding stages, a dedicated team continues to work on your marketing so that you don't even have to think about it.

5. Expertise

Outsourced marketing teams in Sydney also have industry experts working on each part of your marketing strategy and plan. For example:

  • Copy is written by expert Copywriters

  • Projects are managed by experienced Marketing Managers

  • SEO is handled by experts in the field

  • Social Media Specialists deal with gaining the best engagement on Facebook

  • Designers create your brand look and feel

Together, professionals cohesively market your brand in the best possible way to achieve synergy.

According to a CMO Survey, expertise is particularly critical when brands want to expand into new markets. While they might have marketing expertise in existing verticals, they may lack data on how to grow into new ones.

6. Fresh Perspective on Your Marketing Strategy

Many businesses are so focused on the “what”, that they forget the “why”. Outsourcing your marketing offers you the opportunity to change this, as the outsourced marketing team can create and implement the complete marketing strategy. It is also more effective since an external marketing team can help companies implement new strategies and actions, or improve existing ones.

Companies can sometimes get stuck in a rut, going through the motions and not seeing the forest for the trees. New thinking from agencies can change organisational perspectives and help you move beyond tired and ineffective approaches.

For example, outsourcing companies might diversify your marketing across platforms and channels. Their recommendations could include moving towards more targeted content marketing or running social media ads more efficiently.

Lastly, outsourced marketing teams can retarget your campaigns to fit your audience. Professionals may recommend reaching out to new types of leads or targeting a smaller, more profitable subset of individuals.

7. Skillset of an Outsourced Marketing Team

Finally, outsourced marketing teams have the experience and skills to obtain the best possible results, since they have the best technologies, know-how, and market perspectives.

An outsourced marketing team in Sydney can use sophisticated marketing software like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Canva, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Ads and Meta, which would take months or years of training to master in-house.

Try our outsourced marketing services in Sydney today and see how it could transform your business.


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