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How To Save Time & Money With Marketing Outsourcing Services

Outsourced marketing team in Sydney
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Outsourcing is a growth industry in Australia. Figures reveal it is expanding faster than the general economy.

This shift comes from businesses' desire to save time and money on marketing. Companies don’t want to hire in-house teams at enormous expense or redirect existing staff when more efficient external options are available.

The topic of this article is how to take advantage of these opportunities. We explore ways your company can save money on marketing by outsourcing services and reducing task load.

How Marketing Outsourcing Services Save You Time and Money

1. Reduce Costs

With the rumblings of a global recession on the horizon, many companies want to manage their cash flow cautiously. Fortunately, outsourcing marketing can provide much-needed support at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team or even what you would pay a single full-time employee.

The figures bear this out. The average salary of a Marketing Manager in Australia is $115,055 annually, which, once you add costs (and time) for job ads, recruitment time and costs, payroll tax, insurance, equipment purchase, desk space, phone and internet, superannuation and training and onboarding costs, leaves you with a minimum spend of just under $160k per year.

Here is an example for Australia based on workers comp and payroll tax percentages for the state of Victoria.

^ Assumes gross annual taxable wages exceed VIC threshold of $700k.

This is just the cost for the human resource. Hiring a Marketing Manager and expecting them to deliver all your marketing activities assumes that you can find a superhero! A Marketing Manager who is also a marketing strategist, copywriter, graphic designer, social media specialist, creative genius and tech guru all rolled into one person! It also assumes that they are skilled in using all marketing software and every ads platform so that they can execute a multi-channel strategy for your business. This is unrealistic, and it's why many Marketing Managers who go to work from small and medium businesses from previous corporate roles leave within a few months.

The role of a marketing manager is misunderstood - their role is to manage the marketing by collaborating with other marketing professionals to deliver the various activities on time and on budget. It is not their role to create marketing materials. If they are senior enough, they should be able to develop a marketing strategy, but they won't then expect to 'get their hands dirty' putting together email marketing campaigns or creating social posts. If they are more junior, they will be looking for guidance and direction from you and might not have the experience to know how to deliver all the different marketing activities effectively.

Therefore, if you were to employ a full-time in-house marketing team with different types of expertise, you could be looking at $250-500k and then still require a budget for your ad spend (assuming advertising is part of your marketing plan) and other costs such as software, stock imagery, photography, videography etc. And here's the thing; you don't need a full-time team in every skillset. You don't even need a full-time Marketing Manager in most cases (but even a part-time one will set you back up to $77k).

So, you could be looking at anywhere from $13-42k per month (excluding ad spend) depending on which way you go. In the case that you just hire a Marketing Manager, they'll need additional resources such as copywriters and designers, along with digital specialists to help them deliver everything. So, you'll still need a marketing budget alongside your employment budget.

This approach of recruitment and employment costs compares to $10-20k per month (including a starting ad spend) for outsourced services including a comprehensive marketing strategy. Dependent on overall marketing budget and types of activities included.

However, the benefits don’t end with wage savings. Outsourcing also allows you to obtain high-quality services at a lower operational cost because external marketing is more efficient.

There are several reasons for this, including:

  • The expertise and experience of the outsourcing company's team

  • Access to a more diverse skillset.

  • Greater accountability than an in-house marketing team – decision-makers have more control over results.

  • Reduced administrative burden and the elimination of direct management.

  • Faster outputs due to more human resources.

  • A focus on core competencies, such as web design, pay-per-click advertising, or content creation.

  • Access to more advanced assistance and automation tools.

  • Pooled knowledge

Finally, outsourcing can also be more cost-effective than in-house alternatives as it eliminates the burden of overhead expenses and one-time costs associated with hiring in-house teams. The average Australian firm pays a staggering $23,000 to bring a new person onto its team, with the figure rising considerably for skilled digital marketing positions. Outsourcing avoids all this, making it a fine choice for most small or medium businesses.

2. Save Time

Aside from saving money, outsourcing marketing can also help your company save time. By delegating tasks to an outsourced marketing team, you can focus on your core competencies and free up space in the day to concentrate on other critical aspects of your business. This could include developing new products and services, improving customer experiences, and expanding into new markets.

Savings are highest for businesses that already lack deep in-house marketing expertise. Steep learning curves can waste existing executives’ and employees’ time and cause them to spend months or years pursuing ineffective strategies.

Firms without proper departmental management or oversight also benefit from outsourced marketing services in Sydney. Enterprises no longer need to monitor employees in-house to ensure work is getting done. The outsourced marketing agency does it for them.

Brands can also scale more manageably and avoid bottlenecks when using outsourced services. External teams with extensive resources can take over various marketing tasks more efficiently, reducing overhead substantially.

Finally, outsourced marketing saves time by being more consistent. Companies are more likely to get reliable and predictable results compared to using inexperienced and insufficient in-house teams. Firms spend less time adjusting strategies and fixing mistakes.


When done right, outsourcing your marketing can act as rocket fuel for a growing business. That’s why The Change Starter is designed to equip companies with an expert marketing team without the hassle of building a marketing department.

You can choose from various forms of assistance, depending on your business's requirements. Our services broadly fall into two categories:

  • Done-for-you

  • Done-with-you

Done-for-you is an annual commitment and offers complete outsourcing for all your marketing functions. You can get help with SEO, Google Ads, email marketing, website development, Meta Ads management, LinkedIn lead-gen, and more. These services combine to ensure you can take a multi-faceted approach to marketing without going through the hassle of arranging it yourself in-house.

Done-with-you works alongside your existing team to improve output, efficiency, and results. You simply pay a monthly fee to have individual services such as content creation (SEO blogs) or social media management done by our team.

Try our outsourced marketing services in Sydney today and see how it could transform your business.


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