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From Awareness To Action: Building A Results-Driven Marketing Communication Strategy

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In today's business landscape, success isn't only about having an impressive product or exceptional service. It's also about effective marketing communication. A results-driven marketing communication strategy plays a pivotal role in propelling your business from mere market awareness to meaningful customer action. But what exactly does this entail, and how can it be achieved?

Let's unravel these concepts in this journey, guided by the experts at The Change Starter, a company renowned for distilling complex marketing challenges into manageable tasks.

Understanding The Importance of Marketing Communication Strategy

In its essence, a marketing communication strategy involves articulating your company’s value proposition and distributing this message to your target audience in a way that resonates and prompts engagement. It spans all communication channels and platforms - from traditional to digital, weaving a consistent and cohesive narrative about your brand. It's your master plan to cut through the noise and be seen, heard, and remembered.

Yet, crafting a compelling marketing communication strategy is just the tip of the iceberg. A true results-driven strategy translates awareness into action. It not only highlights your brand but also spurs your audience into making purchase decisions, recommending your business, or becoming loyal customers.

Key Components of a Results-Driven Marketing Communication Strategy

A results-driven strategy revolves around understanding your customers, delivering value, and analysing results. For businesses looking to level up their marketing efforts, the following are some essential components:

  • Audience Identification and Understanding: Understanding who your audience are and what they value is the first step. The Change Starter emphasises the need for a deep dive into customer personas. By understanding their behaviours, needs, and motivations, you can tailor your messages to their preferences, making your marketing communication more effective.

  • Consistent Messaging: Consistency creates familiarity, and familiarity breeds trust. A coherent and consistent brand message across all channels is essential to maintain brand identity and credibility.

  • Multi-channel Approach: With digital media on the rise, relying on a single communication channel is insufficient. A robust multi-channel approach helps you reach your audience where they are, increasing your reach and engagement.

  • Measurement and Analysis: Finally, it's critical to track your strategy's effectiveness. Tools like The Change Starter’s comprehensive and transparent results dashboard can provide valuable insights, allowing you to adjust your strategies based on the marketing results.

All three components (the message, the target, and the channel) must work in harmony for your marketing communication plan to be successful. 

Efficient Execution with a Specialist Team

Building and implementing a results-driven marketing communication strategy can be daunting, especially for growing businesses that have been engaging with "DIY marketing". This is where an expert team like The Change Starter comes into the picture. We not only offer a marketing strategy and annual plan, but we also provide an outsourced team of specialists in social media, design, content, websites, SEO, and email aligned to the needs of your strategy, to implement everything for you. Plus, one point of contact - a Marketing Manager - to brief and coordinate everyone.

The team immerses themselves in your business's operational and commercial details to ensure that the marketing function is closely integrated. Furthermore, we are accountable for the responsible management of your budget, quality of output, and marketing results.

The Change Starter adopts a long-term approach, committing a minimum of 12 months to establish and improve your marketing systems. This engagement ensures your marketing communication strategy's successful implementation, taking it from awareness to action.

The path from awareness to action isn't straightforward. It demands a well-thought-out marketing communication strategy, consistent messaging, audience understanding, a multi-channel approach, and effective execution. Whether you are a business owner looking to refine your marketing efforts or someone seeking to understand the intricacies of marketing communication strategy, remember that the journey may be complex, but the rewards can be significant.

Ready to take the leap? The Change Starter offers a free accelerator consultation and a unique quiz to evaluate your marketing effectiveness. Start building your results-driven marketing communication strategy today!


What is a marketing communication strategy?

A marketing communication strategy involves articulating your company’s value proposition and making a plan to distribute this message to your target audience in a way that resonates and prompts engagement.

Why is a marketing communication strategy important?

A well-crafted marketing communication strategy can help businesses cut through the market noise, establish a strong brand presence, and spur customers into action, such as making purchases or recommendations.

What are the components of a results-driven marketing communication strategy?

Key components include audience identification and understanding, consistent messaging, a multi-channel approach, and measurement and analysis of effectiveness.

How can The Change Starter help in implementing a marketing communication strategy?

The Change Starter offers a comprehensive marketing strategy, an outsourced team of specialists, and tools for tracking and analysing marketing results, helping businesses effectively implement their marketing communication strategy.

What is a results dashboard in marketing?

A results dashboard is a tool used to track and analyse the effectiveness of marketing strategies. It provides valuable insights that can guide adjustments to improve marketing success.

Why is consistent messaging important in a marketing communication strategy?

Consistent messaging across all channels maintains brand identity and credibility, which can foster trust among your target audience.

What is a multi-channel approach in marketing?

A multi-channel approach involves using multiple communication channels, such as social media, email, and traditional platforms, to reach your audience wherever they are, increasing reach and engagement.

How can I evaluate the effectiveness of my marketing communication strategy?

Tools like The Change Starter's results dashboard and expert consultation can help businesses evaluate their marketing strategies' effectiveness and make necessary adjustments for improvement.


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The Change Starter® is a boutique marketing consultancy that builds outsourced marketing teams for established businesses who are committed to growth. Apply for a FREE Marketing Accelerator with Stevie to get crystal clear on the next steps you can take to promote your business to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.



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