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Scaling Your Business with Outsource Marketing: Key Considerations

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Outsource Marketing: Key Considerations

Outsourced marketing is when your company pays another agency or individual to handle certain marketing tasks. Instead of dealing with these in-house and hiring someone, or a team of people, to tackle them, you look elsewhere. All kinds of marketing tasks can be outsourced - some of the most popular include social media marketing, SEO and PPC advertising. 

Making decisions related to outsourced marketing is crucial as it can help you save a lot of time and money while giving you access to highly skilled marketing professionals. Choosing to outsource may also allow for faster business scaling as you have more time to focus on key business operations while a talented marketer/marketing team works in the background to promote and grow your company. However, it’s not for everyone or every business model and, as such, you need to figure out if outsourced marketing is right for you.

Here are some key considerations that’ll help you come to the right decision:

How Do You Outsource Marketing?

Outsourcing your marketing usually involves searching for reliable and professional marketing consultants operating in your area. You can do this online and will quickly see the many options for your business. 

How Do You Choose a Marketing Consultant?

The best way to choose a digital marketing consultant is by looking at the services offered and seeing if they align with your needs. Better yet, has the consultant worked in your industry before? If so, do they have testimonials or examples of their work? Reading online reviews will also help as the best marketing consultants will have 5-star reviews and be lauded by their previous clients. 

What is The Cost of Outsourced Marketing?

Is it cheaper to outsource than to build an in-house team? Yes. Far cheaper. Based on an average salary of just under $90,000 it will cost you around $105,724 per year to hire and maintain just one marketing employee - as per Oyster’s calculations

That’s for one member of your team - a five-person team puts you at half a million dollars! 

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What Level of Expertise Do You Need?

Look, you may already have in-house employees with the level of marketing expertise needed to handle most of your projects. You’ve got people who are adept at social media, understand SEO and have a history with other aspects of marketing and marketing strategy. If that’s the case, you probably won’t need to outsource. 

However, if your in-house team lacks the required expertise, outsourcing is the best option to ensure you get the right knowledge onboard to help push your company forward and grow your business. 

Can Outsourced Marketing Provide All The Essential Qualities You’re Looking For?

You’ll need a marketing team to have some critical qualities or you won’t achieve the ideal outcomes. The big question is whether or not outsourced marketing can give you what you’re looking for, such as: 

  • Guaranteed quality, all the time

  • The ability to scale projects quickly, either up or down depending on the situation

  • Access to the latest marketing technology like data analytics software, keyword bidding software and so on

  • Great communication throughout every project so you’re always in the loop with what’s going on and have control over the outsourced marketing team.

Should You Outsource Marketing?

This is the ultimate question you’re dying to find the answer to. We can’t give you a straight yes or no though because it depends on how you’ve responded to the considerations above. But if you’re looking for affordable and flexible marketing solutions that can be seamlessly implemented, easy to scale to fit your needs, and pair you with experts in their field, then outsourcing will be a great choice to help you grow your business. 

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