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7 Common Services Provided By Marketing Consultancies In Sydney

Marketing Consultancy in Sydney
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A marketing strategist in Sydney can help with a wide range of marketing services depending on your needs. It’s always useful to know what’s on offer before you commit. So, here are seven common services provided by marketing consultancies:

1. Strategic Planning

Every marketing strategy needs a plan of action. Strategic planning is designed to map everything out for you to see. A marketing strategist in Sydney will listen to your aims and goals while developing a plan to meet these targets. The strategic planning service also looks at your business as a whole, taking your budget into consideration to figure out a strategy that works specifically for your company. It’s an essential first step that kickstarts a successful journey - without it, you’re working in the dark.

2. Project Management

Marketing consultancies provide project management services for all your marketing campaigns and activities. All aspects of a project will be managed for you, from writing briefs to collaborating with the specialists needed to bring the campaigns together through to scheduling, publishing, sending and posting the relevant marketing, giving you the freedom to focus on other things. One of the benefits of choosing a marketing strategist and consultancy like The Change Starter is that we’re a full-service agency. This helps with project management as we can handle many marketing elements under one roof.

We will help develop a new marketing campaign while providing all the different marketing services needed to bring it to life.

3. Content Creation

Content is the backbone of modern marketing. If you aren’t creating quality content, you have no hope of growing. You need a solid content marketing strategy, and this can be provided by a good marketing consultancy in Sydney.

When we talk about content creation, we’re referring to so many different things. It can include any of the following:

  • Blog posts

  • Social media content

  • Videos

  • Advertising content

All forms of content will be optimised to suit the platform it’s being posted on. This means you get high-quality content that attracts the right audience and generates more benefits for your business. Good content can be the key to driving traffic to your site or helping you rise up the search rankings. The best content marketing agencies will ensure your main keywords are incorporated into the content, so it’s easily searchable.

4. Web Development

Many business owners don’t realise that marketing consultancies can offer web development services. You have access to a development team that will help design and optimise your business website. It’s well-documented that every business needs a website, regardless of what you sell or who your target audience is. Your brand will fail to grow if you don’t have an online presence - a website is the cornerstone of establishing your brand online.

The beauty of using a marketing consultancy for web development is that your site is designed with marketing in mind. It’s optimised for search engines, well-structured for content creation, and designed to suit your main marketing goals.

5. Email Marketing

Did you know that 37% of brands are increasing their email budget? Email marketing is severely underrated yet provides an impressive return on investment. With the right strategy, you can convert lots of leads and generate plenty of sales through email marketing.

Thankfully, the details can be handled by a marketing strategist in Sydney. Marketing consultancies, like The Change Starter, will analyse your business and come up with an email strategy that aligns with your core targets. They will start by ensuring you have a compelling reason on your website for new prospects to subscribe, so that you mailing list can start to be built before crafting carefully curated email content. With their help, you can unlock the true potential of email marketing.

6. Operations

Marketing consultancies provide lots of operational services, including:

  • Social media management

  • Website updates and caretaking

  • Content creation & asset management

  • Marketing automation

  • Lead gen activities

Effectively, they handle the operations you don’t have time to handle. You’re busy handling other aspects of your business, yet you still need to ensure that different marketing tasks operate in the background. A marketing strategist steps in to help you get marketing done without it feeling like a full-time job for you.

7. Performance Analysis Done by a Marketing Consultant

Finally, you can get performance analysis services - which are some of the most critical marketing services you should pay for. Too many businesses spend money on setting up and creating a marketing strategy, but they neglect ongoing analysis.

Performance analysis helps you keep track of marketing campaigns and see what’s going well or what needs to be altered. It’s the key to making the most out of your budget; you may recognise that some areas are lacking and need a boost while you might be spending too much money in other places.

As you can see, a marketing consultancy is capable of helping with all facets of online marketing and brand growth. The best thing is, you see all of these services under one roof. That means there’s only one contact point, making it much easier to manage your marketing strategy.

If you’re eager to work with a top marketing strategist in Sydney, The Change Starter is here to help. We provide all of the services above - plus many more. Simply click this link to book a free consultation and we can get started today!


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